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Then, we work together to achieve a positive shift in your total well-being. Let's find out what's possible!

An alternative approach that will help you move through physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. 

The practice will be specifically tailored to your needs for each session. We have seen the incredible healing power of the treatments, and from our experiences, We are sure it will benefit you, too. Please get in touch to find out more.

Let's Work Together: About


Restore calm, find clarity, and regain control

A gentle bodywork, non-invasive therapy uses light touch at various points: the head, along the spine, and limbs to help the body diffuse tension and trauma held in the nervous system. The work helps to release both physical tensions held in the tissues and fluids of the nervous system and reprograms the energetic patterns created by undigested life experiences. The result is a feeling of ease in body, mind, and spirit!

60 mins 


Find your inner radiance and sparkles in your eyes, melt away trauma through your face, and rejuvenate your life and a better connection with yourself and others

A gentle way to:

Unlock and melt away old trauma, peel the mask layer off, and bond lovingly with yourself and others.

Relax the overworked mind, body, and face

Enhance the circulation of lymph, blood, and chi

Get back in touch with your authentic self

It combines the gentleness of Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy with the laser-like focus of Facial acupressure based on ancient Chinese knowledge. In other words, it combines the three touches: listening touch from craniosacral biodynamic, laser touch from acupressure, and this creates the loving touch.   

Suitable for those with old trauma patterns held in the face from a dental, head injury, surgery, concussion, or scars. It can take years off from an aging face and relax the entire body. 

75 mins 

Head Massage


Recharge with a universal life force
Balance energy centers

A Japanese energy healing art. Some people describe it as “Acupuncture without a needle.” You’re leaving feeling lighter and having a positive energy boost at all levels. It can speed up physical recovery, support you emotionally and spiritually, a sense of wholeness or connectedness. 

Restore your body’s natural energy flow by channeling energy from the universe or nature. This intelligent force helps to release negative energy or heavy vibration in the form of emotions such as stress, grief, or upset from the body. The practitioner channels and carries energy through the hands. This is performed by hovering hands over or placing hands on the client’s body. Reiki is a complementary modality that works with other forms of medicine and healing. Everyone can benefit from it. It is a safe, reactive, and tailored approach by nature.

In-person | 60 mins 

Distance | 30 mins 


Entertainment for your brain
Harmony for your body
A getaway!

Where Bliss Lies in Balance!

Where silence and stillness lie in the sound and vibration.

The power of Himalayan singing bowls is incredibly profound and alters our beings and consciousness for positive transformation. A pleasant and calming way to free yourself from negative thoughts. The vibration of the sound can penetrate the body at the cell level to open the body to the energetic level to ease pain and restore balance and create harmony. 

60 mins

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

All sessions are private and by appointment only.

Please get in touch to see if the treatment or plan is a good fit for you. We're offering a free 15-minute connection call. 

Let's Work Together: Services

Other Locations

Just so you know, different fees, bookings, and T&Cs apply at each location.

Let's Work Together: Accessibility Policy
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