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Increasing feelings of relaxation, happiness, empowerment, and ease

For anyone, anywhere, and at any time. I typically schedule the session and ask the recipient to sit or lie on your back in a safe, comfortable, and quiet environment where you will not be disturbed, and we chat at the end. It can be via audio or video. If you fall asleep after the session, I will send you a message about the session. 

45 mins

1,500 baht


Promote self-regulation, self-healing, embodiment healing, and between BCST sessions support

We’ll start with a video call to discuss your individual needs. For the treatment, you are encouraged to lie down in a quiet and peaceful environment without disturbances. You will be asked to stay connected with earphones. You will have the option to stay connected via video or audio. During the session, I will guide you to track the body sensations. You are encouraged to be present and connected with your whole body throughout the session – however, the treatment will still work if you fall asleep. 

For more effective results, earphones will be required throughout the practice.  

45 minutes

1,500 Baht

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